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The 20 best high-paying part-time jobs for college students

Everybody needs money. But for international college students, having a part-time job and getting an extra money may be the only way to pay for tuition fees, rent or and everyday expenses. The good news is that Canada allows students to have part-time jobs while studying. And having a part-time job can even give additional benefits. Some companies and employers, for example, extend work benefits to part-timers. Such as tuition reimbursement, flexible schedules, health and dental coverage, stocks at a discount and employee discounts.

Although it may seem as a big investment on a student employee, it is very interesting for some companies to create a young environment to attract other students as clients. And, above all, to retain talented students and give them the opportunity to grow up with the company.

Nevertheless, it can be very hard to commit to a job while studying. Even part-time jobs can be hard to attend during a week full of exams. For this reason, we will give you now a list of the best high-paying part-time jobs for college students in Canada. This will you will feel that your effort to attend this double journey will be properly rewarded. Check the list below:


It might be hard to have a fancy car as a student, but all you need is a reliable vehicle, smartphone, and to pass a background check to become a rideshare driver. Normally, the bigger the city, the better the money. On average, rideshare drivers earn between $15-$30 per hour. And the greatest part for students is the huge flexibility of working hours.

2- TRANSLATOR: Since international students are likely to be native in another language, being a freelance translator or working part-time in that field can be a good deal to earn extra money. The pay ranges vary between $14/hr on the low end to $55/hr on the high end. It is important to notice that for doing this kind of job is necessary to master language and writing skills.

3- WAITER: Just one word for you here: tips! As a waiter or a waitress, you can do very well on minimum wage plus tips, certainly topping $20 an hour. Also, the schedule can be very flexible. Some restaurants, for example, may only need part-time waiters on the weekend nights.

4- CONTENT EDITOR: Working with a style guide, content editors are responsible for accurate grammar, spelling, and, of course, editing all kinds of content such as books, magazines, and websites. A good freelance editor can earn about $40-$60 an hour. But very often, the money will come per project basis.

5-  NIGHT AUDITOR: Working at hotels during overnight sounds good for you? Night auditor takes care of paperwork, assists guests, and supports bookkeeping operations. For this kind of part-time job, you just need some math skills, computing skills, and basic accounting knowledge. And you can make up to $29 an hour.

6- WRITER: Are you the creative type? For working as employee or freelancer writer, you must have exceptional writing and editing skills. Also, work under deadlines is very important. Depending on the task, a writer must create specific and focused content, but there are subject areas too. It pays up to $55 an hour.

7- TUTOR: Math? History? Chemistry? Are you an expert in any particular subject at school? Because if you are, that can big a good chance to make extra money. You can put your abilities in service to help other students, especially kids. The hourly wage for a private tutor varies a lot, but it normally goes between $30-$60 an hour.

8- FITNESS INSTRUCTOR: This job does require specific training and certification, but it can compensate a lot. Instructors can work in gyms, studios or in client homes. The average pay for a personal trainer is $30 per hour. And for in-home personal training sessions, charges can rise to $75-$100 an hour.

9- MUSIC TEACHER: There is a nice opportunity to make extra money giving music lessons. If you play very well an instrument, like piano or guitar, you can be a music teacher. The hourly wage varies a lot, beginning at around $12 for a half hour and going to $100-$150 an hour to extremely good and experienced in-demand teachers.

10- SOCIAL MEDIA ASSISTANT: Heavy Social Media user? This can be a good part-time or a freelance job for you. It involves updating Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other sites for companies. The payment can be a fixed amount per month or per hour. In this second case, the minimum would be up to $21 an hour.

11- COMPUTERIZED COLLEGE NOTE TAKER: You can earn extra money and help deaf students at the same time with this part-time job. Note takers attend classes and type the notes for an average salary of $36 per hour, after the first year.

12- DOG WALKER: Who wouldn’t love that job? It is a perfect combination of flexible hours, having fun with pets and extra good money. A dog walker can charge $16 for an hour-long group walk and walks 3-5 dogs at a time, once a day and four days a week. Also, charges can rise to $20-$25 for private half-hour walks. But first, it is important to should check the laws for licensing and insurance in your city, as cops do hand out tickets for infractions. And have in mind that caring for people’s best friends is a serious commitment.

13- NON-PROFIT CHARITY FUNDRAISER: Supporting a non-profit and its affiliated fundraising activity can be a well-payed part-time job. Charges go up to $30 per hour. But for this job, you will require public-facing work experience.