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Law office Anja Juršetić

Law office Anja Juršetić

Law office Anja Juršetić is focused on providing comprehensive legal support to both domestic and foreign legal and natural persons in their daily business and further business development, project management, dispute resolution – while applying the advantages of a multidisciplinary approach through coherent cooperation with experts from different branches of business. Setting the client satisfaction and establishment of a relationship of mutual trust as our ultimate goal, we aim to achieve them by providing quality legal service that we create with our knowledge, experience and finding a practical solution for the client. We believe that it is only through a great effort to understand client’s needs that we are able to not only deliver top-level legal service, but also exceed our client’s expectations. Our Law office is a full-legal service office providing legal help in different areas of law – company formation, immigration questions, work and residence permits and other.



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