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  • HASEKO Corp.

    Message from the Management


    Aiming to make a further leap towards becoming a “corporate group for housing to create great living”

    Thank you for visiting our website.


    I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your continued loyal patronage to the Haseko Group.

    The Company conducts a variety of businesses centering on condominiums through integration of the strengths of the entire Haseko Group under the corporate philosophy of “To contribute to society by creating an optimal environment for cities and people.” For newly-built condominiums, Haseko has successfully built a cumulative total of over 650,000 condominium units since constructing its first condominium in 1968. This figure corresponds to approximately 10% of the total number of for-sale condominium units currently in Japan. With this achievement, Haseko has spread condominiums as a new form of housing widely among consumers and set standards for present-day condominiums through technological developments that lead the industry.


    In Japan, it has become an important challenge to address such social issues as the aging of society with fewer children, decreasing population, trends for “compact cities,” intensified natural disasters, aging buildings, promotion of environmental awareness and energy conservation and community creation. To address this issue, the Haseko Group has endeavored to develop its growth strategy that takes into account the changes in social conditions by promoting its six-year business plan “newborn HASEKO” (Plan NB) since the fiscal year ended March 2015. As a result, the Construction-Related Business centering on condominium construction has maintained a high share of carrying out projects by exerting strengths such as its ability in gathering land information, planning products, and its commitment to construction quality and construction schedules. In the Service-Related Business, the Company has steadily accumulated achievements in such fields as condominium management, remodeling, large-scale repair work, building replacement, brokerage of condominiums available in the market, leasing and housing for the elderly, while successfully increasing profits through M&A investments. On top of these, the Company has gone through various undertakings slated for future growth, such as expanding its business areas into regional cities, promoting adoption of Haseko-version BIM (Building Information Modeling), newly establishing the Value Creation Section for creating and demonstrating business models that utilize advanced technologies, and establishing the Haseko Technical Center and Haseko Condominium Museum.


    Following these endeavors, we have formulated the “Haseko Group Long-Term Vision ~What the Company Aims to Be for the Fiscal Year Ending March 2030~,” which indicates the direction of business strategies for what the Company will be ten years from now. In order to realize this vision, we have also begun from this fiscal year the “Haseko Next Stage Plan“ (Plan NS), our medium-term business plan for the next five years. With the recognition that the business environment surrounding the Company will continue to change significantly going forward, we are resolved to press on with our endeavors to strengthen business management that builds upon both the Construction-Related Business and the Service-Related Business so that we can develop constantly as a sustainable corporate group. In condominium construction, we will establish by the end of the current fiscal year a system that should allow us to introduce BIM (Building Information Modeling) fully to properties to be newly designed. We will also adopt BIM to actual construction increasingly. Meanwhile, we believe that in order to enhance our competitiveness drastically in this business as well as in the Service-Related Business, it is essential to utilize state-of-the-art IT-related technologies including AI (artificial intelligence), sensors, communications and robots. One of the major themes in promoting these initiatives is digital transformation (DX). We will realize it by not only making the best use of the Haseko Group’s management resources but also coordinating widely with venture companies, universities and research institutions, etc. through open innovation. Moreover, by implementing these measures, we will work to solve the issues surrounding our society, including countermeasures against ever-intensifying disasters and environmental preservation like reduction of CO2 emissions. As we do so, we aim to establish CSR management (business management with a focus on corporate social responsibility) that enables us to pursue both “creation of social value” and “growth of the Haseko Group.”


    Going forward, while remaining grateful to all our stakeholders, we will further reinforce coordination among Group companies and exercise our comprehensive strengths. With such endeavors, we aim to make a further leap towards becoming a “corporate group for housing to create great living” as we serve to support the life of people living in condominiums. Your continued and even greater support and encouragement are immensely appreciated.


    April 2020
    Kazuo Ikegami
    President and Representative Director
    Haseko Corporation

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