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As a Premium Member, you will enjoy the following exclusive privileges

  1. Your complete details will be listed

  2. Your name will outstandingly & prominently appear on top

  3. PR & advertisement article of your company / project / product / service

  4. Ticket to our exclusive events

  5. Access to communication with potential buyers by answering their inquiries

  6. Access to potential buyers' contact details

  7. And many other exclusive privileges....

For details of premium membership packages, please contact us at:

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  • Some numbers about this Platform? is the only and largest online media platform to connect Vietnamese High-income Investors with Overseas Sellers / Service Providers for overseas investment, property, immigration, business, career, education, ... Vietnamese Buyers go to for all of their needs for overseas investments! This is the main core value we create. 1/ in association with VnOPI Fairs ( and VinaForum ( with the history of over 13 years, this Platform now have the database of nearly 100,000 potential buyers, high-income people in Vietnam. 2/ in May 2020, averagely have over 2k views a day. The growth rate is over 100% monthly. 3/ We target to reach 10k view a day from the high-income Vietnamese communities and Sellers in next 03 months by: a- expanding Sellers List of all related services in the industry and of all target countries; b- reducing responsive time to all participants; c- having more valuable articles to attract buyers; d- joining all the high-income communities in all over Vietnam; e- improving the services of the Platform; f- expanding associate communities; g- running agressively smart ads on main social networks in Vietnam (FB, Zalo, Google, Viber); h- and other neccessary activities. Should you want to be a sponsor or partner, please contact:
  • Buyers / Sellers?
    In this Platform: 1/ Buyers: Vietnamese people who are looking for overseas investment, immigration, business, education, job. 2/ Sellers: companies which provide services and / or products in this industry.
  • Full Detail Listing?
    a Full Detail Listing has: 1/ Up to 3 photos (including your logo); you can replace a photo by a short video of less than 30 seconds. 2/ a content of up to full A4 page or up to 700 words (Arial 11), including: - your contact details; - links to your website or documents. a Listing should be in Vietnamese. If you need professional translation service, please check here.
  • Label of the Listing?
    For a Premium Listing, you can select the Label as: 1/ PREMIUM 2/ Country 3/ Practice (Developer / Law / Broker / EB-5 / Money Transfer / Loan / etc...) If you don't select any label, PREMIUM will be automatically applied.
  • Sample of a Pemium Listing?
    Please check here
  • PR Article?
    PR Article (or Public Relation / Marketing Article) is a smart writing to introduce your company story, project, product or service. PR Article will be posted as a news and it will appear on news page and home page (as latest updated news) - at the bottom of the article will have your contact details. This is the best way to transfer your message to potential buyers. Average views of a good article is more than 4k. A PR Article can have words (up to 1500) and photos (up to 3) and a video. If you have more details, you would connect to those details via links in your Article. PR Article must be in Vietnamese. If you don't have Vietnamese version, our translation experts can translate for you (from English to Vietnamese) with a translation fee.
  • Acces to Answering Buyers' Questions?
    The more in-depth professional answers / advices you give to the buyers' inquiries, the more potential buyers know about you. Access here for buyers' questions. Some confidential inquiries won't be posted here - which will be transfered to relevant premium sellers.
  • Acces to Buyers' Contact Details?
    We receive inquiries from potential buyers every day thru this platforms. We will direct those buyers' contacts to relevant premium sellers, e.g. inquiry about investment and immigration in Cyprus will be directed to relevant company, or USA / Canada / etc... We do not have enough resources to verify those contacts or their inquiries. You have to contact them and check by yourselves. If you need any assistance services from us, please check here.
  • How does the Banner on Top look like?
    PC display (it will scale on different screen sizes): Mobile Smart Phone: You have to provide us your design banner image (as the size of 900 x 200) and the link.
  • How does the Right Side Banner look like?
    PC display (it will scale on different screen sizes): Mobile Smart Phone (it will appear at the bottom or in between : Location of a Right Side Banner (1 or 2 or 3 or ...) will be on 1st come 1st serve basis. There're max. 10 Right Side Banner on a page. You have to provide us your design banner image (as the size of 300 x 250) and the link.
  • Home Page?
    Home Page = Trang Chủ There're thousands of potential Buyers and high-income Vietnamese access this magazine home page for latest updated news, knowledges, professional advices for their life demands.
  • News Page?
    News Page = Tin Tức There're thousands of potential Buyers and high-income Vietnamese access this magazine all news page for all news, knowledges, professional advices for their life demands.
  • Ask A Question Page?
    Ask A Question Page = Đặt Câu Hỏi Every day we receive questions / inquiries from potential buyers of all kinds. Confidential inquiries won't be publicly posted here - which will be transfered to relevant premium sellers.
  • Guidance Manual Page?
    Guidance Manual Page = Cẩm Nang We provide guide-books of basic investment / immigration / education / job regulations or policies of target countries to potential buyers free of charge. Every day we receive hundreds of inquiries for those guide books from potential buyers of all kinds.
  • Listing Page?
    Listing Page = Gặp Chuyên Gia Here is the Listing Page
  • Introduction Page?
    Introduction Page = Giới Thiệu This Introduction Page provide guidelines about this Platform to potential buyers.
  • Associate Page?
    Associate Page = Cộng Tác Viên Buyers and Sellers need associate agents to assist them. Everyday many interested local lawyers, brokers, dealers, etc... access to this Associate Page to register for participation in this Platform to help Buyers and Sellers. Associate agents can bring in their own networkings of potential buyers or provide assistance services to Sellers.
  • Article Page?
    Article Page = Tin / Bài Buyers and Sellers every day access to this Magazine for latest updated news, knowledges, advices posts under the form of an article. There's averagely more than 10k views of all articles a day and the growth rate is more than 100% per month. Advertisements which appear in all Article Page will be seen by thousands of potential buyers.
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